Thursday, 23 September 2010

Hows it going?

Evening all :)

Figured it was time to do an update as i've not done one for a bit.
Things here are all going quite well actually, My youngest daughter started nursery, so now i have afternoons free, not that its a lot of time, but at last i can regain some sanity!! My eldest daughter managed to get herself into a bit of a tizz for a few days changing over to the bigger school because she thought it was too big, but now is back to her overly happy, easily over excited self again.....and she has become a school class representitive for the school council, not bad for a six year old. I have to sit down with my eldest son and sort out his college/apprenticeship applications for January as well as sort out connexions, as he leaves school next summer, fun.........
What has knocked me sideways is that my other son seems to have been replaced with someone else, it looks and sounds like Aaron, but its like he's undergone some sort of transformation......since going back into school he has been coming straight home and doing his homework , writing it in his journal and packing his bag the night before, eating his meals, up and ready for school on time, been helpful around the house WITHOUT grumbling or throwing a strop and had generally been quite nice to live with........i am really hoping this will last. I am really not used to it....not at all. Its like he's another child.
Craftwise i have been on a crochet splurge......made hats for the girls.....which they love, started a bag experimenting with crochet thread and beads, just got to do the lining and i must say, i am quite pleased with it. Also started on a pair of fingerless mitts for me, but if they weren't purple my son would have had off with them, so now have request for another pair. I have also made myself a rather nice heart choker (which i love :) )with cut glass bicones and crystal hearts. I have been asked to make one for a friend for christmas, so i still have to price up for one made from swarvoski crystals......very expensive!!
In chatting to my mate Jo the other day she suggested i should maybe think about going into the jewellry making business, maybe make a few pieces up and see if they has made me think about it as she isn't the first person to say it, but i'm not entirely sure.
Apart from that life runs smoothly, just for once, in the house :) now we start on christmas.........

Till laters, when i may have something more ineresting to say....

Lara :)