Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I am currently sitting here being a bit bored, watching some Megadeth videos.....done some housework, shopping, a few other bits and pieces....was hoping to get on with serious exercise this week, but as it turns out when i fell over on the ice last week, i have pulled the tendons in my knee when i fell on it.....i am supposed to rest it a bit so it can heal. Should start feeling better in a couple of weeks according to the doctor. Oh joy. At least i am taking something stronger than ibruprofen to ease the pain and swelling.

What do people teach the kids of today? Why can't they bring them up properly? Last night we ended up calling the police because a couple of twats decided to put paint on everyones car down our side of the street......honestly, have they nothing better to do than cause problems for everyone else? I should imagine the parents won't do anything if they get caught anyway. Its just so annoying, why does nobody have any respect anymore? whats wrong with that, and manners, at least i can say that i know where my children are, i know they aren't getting up to no good. They don't drink, smoke, hang around being a nuisance or take drugs, and for that i am grateful.

Apart from that not much else has gone on this week...... my house is warmer since having the windows done, i changed my hair colour to red, but thats about it really, fairly uneventful.

Till next time,

Love to you and yours,


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Brrrrr.......fucking cold!!

Its still REALLY cold, currently 1c (it certainly feels it) and we still have ice and snow everywhere, so i am sitting huddled in my kitchen with my man and youngest daughter with the cooker on trying to stay warm while my windows are being replaced for shiny new double glazing. I wish they would hurry up, i am frozen despite sitting here in a coat. I suppose it will be worth it in the end.
I actually got on the wii fit yesterday and weighed myself, thought it was trying to excert some kind of sense of humour when it told me i was 99.5 kilos(15 1/2 stone) but no, i am truly a heavy lump! As if i wasn't aware of the fact it turned my mii into a snowman shape whilst telling me i am obese in big red letters.....thanks, like i really needed that. So glad the kids weren't about to see it, or i would have had hoots of laughter and a variety of comments! so i did some exersize and started my diet, but as it was his last night of his holiday we decided to have a drink, which turned into 2 bottles of wine and whisky and coke whilst munching my way through a whole, yes whole, box of boirsin garlic soft cheese on crackers, crips and 1/2 box mint thins. I don't think i dare get on the wii fit today......we will see later.
Not much else has happened, life trundles on , but at least we are back to normal , although i think we are going to get more snow........yay, not. Nice to look at, not nice to be out in. I really wouldn't survive if i lived somewhere like scandinavia.....i wonder if more snow will bring more disruption? i hope not.

Till next time, don't do anything i wouldn't, and if you do, don't get caught doing it :)


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Morning People.....

Well hello.......

First blog of the new year, and its been busy.......the new year went well with watching District 9, lots of alcohol, friends and good music. Finally stumbled into bed at 4:30 am and got up at 9 to cook a raost dinner.......
Today i was supposed to have all the windows in my house changed to double glazing, but because of the snow they are not going to, even though the other half has taken time off work. As he works nights we have to arrange things around his time off, its not too helpful when the person on the other end of the phone says "we don't know when, but we will try to fit you in somewhere" don't they realise people have lives? that we can't just stop everything for them. Snow.......well here in the UK if we have just 1 inch of the fluffy white stuff the whole country comes to a standstill......we get it every year, yet people act like they've never seen it before, today most schools are shut, why? well according to the reasons given on the school closures page of our local council range from no heating (fair enough) , trecherous conditions (fair enough in rural areas)to "lots of snow" , lots of snow? thats no reason to close a school, teachers get paid regardless. If only the other half could get up and say "you know what, fuck it, i can't be bothered to drive my lorry today, so i'll just make something up." He certainly wouldn't get paid for it. Grrrrr, that shit annoys me, it really does. They are trying to get the local school to be "The Hub" of the local community, but thats not going to happen if they keep shutting them, especially at times when they are needed most.

Well anyway, hope you all had a good new year.......