Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Brrrrr.......fucking cold!!

Its still REALLY cold, currently 1c (it certainly feels it) and we still have ice and snow everywhere, so i am sitting huddled in my kitchen with my man and youngest daughter with the cooker on trying to stay warm while my windows are being replaced for shiny new double glazing. I wish they would hurry up, i am frozen despite sitting here in a coat. I suppose it will be worth it in the end.
I actually got on the wii fit yesterday and weighed myself, thought it was trying to excert some kind of sense of humour when it told me i was 99.5 kilos(15 1/2 stone) but no, i am truly a heavy lump! As if i wasn't aware of the fact it turned my mii into a snowman shape whilst telling me i am obese in big red letters.....thanks, like i really needed that. So glad the kids weren't about to see it, or i would have had hoots of laughter and a variety of comments! so i did some exersize and started my diet, but as it was his last night of his holiday we decided to have a drink, which turned into 2 bottles of wine and whisky and coke whilst munching my way through a whole, yes whole, box of boirsin garlic soft cheese on crackers, crips and 1/2 box mint thins. I don't think i dare get on the wii fit today......we will see later.
Not much else has happened, life trundles on , but at least we are back to normal , although i think we are going to get more snow........yay, not. Nice to look at, not nice to be out in. I really wouldn't survive if i lived somewhere like scandinavia.....i wonder if more snow will bring more disruption? i hope not.

Till next time, don't do anything i wouldn't, and if you do, don't get caught doing it :)


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