Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I am currently sitting here being a bit bored, watching some Megadeth videos.....done some housework, shopping, a few other bits and pieces....was hoping to get on with serious exercise this week, but as it turns out when i fell over on the ice last week, i have pulled the tendons in my knee when i fell on it.....i am supposed to rest it a bit so it can heal. Should start feeling better in a couple of weeks according to the doctor. Oh joy. At least i am taking something stronger than ibruprofen to ease the pain and swelling.

What do people teach the kids of today? Why can't they bring them up properly? Last night we ended up calling the police because a couple of twats decided to put paint on everyones car down our side of the street......honestly, have they nothing better to do than cause problems for everyone else? I should imagine the parents won't do anything if they get caught anyway. Its just so annoying, why does nobody have any respect anymore? whats wrong with that, and manners, at least i can say that i know where my children are, i know they aren't getting up to no good. They don't drink, smoke, hang around being a nuisance or take drugs, and for that i am grateful.

Apart from that not much else has gone on this week...... my house is warmer since having the windows done, i changed my hair colour to red, but thats about it really, fairly uneventful.

Till next time,

Love to you and yours,


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